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Etern Online - Covid-19 Vaccine

COVID-19 Vaccine

How can we protect our loved ones and ourselves from the virus?

Etern Online - Pfizer

Etern Medical Clinic @ Punggol MRT & Punggol Sumang LRT have been administering Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccines for all frontline workers and those who are eligible. This vaccination is free to all Singaporeans and long-term residents in Singapore.

Meanwhile, Etern Medical Clinic @ Fernvale Palm offers Sinovac Vaccines under National Vaccination Programme (NVP).  The appointment is booked using the NAS system, via Those who are medically ineligible for the mRNA vaccine are allowed to book the Sinovac Vaccine.

While vaccines are not completely fool-proof, the approved ones show high efficacy rates - Pfizer-BioNTech has 95% efficacy in preventing COVID-19. Getting vaccinated against COVID-19 is an excellent way to prevent the disease and minimise the risk of transmission.

Etern Online - Vaccine
Etern Online - Book Vaccine

Due to the strong demand for the Covid-19 vaccinations, the appointment booking slots are made available on an online booking basis. 

We seek your understanding that there may be limited slots available and request that you check the vacancies from time to time through the National Appointment System. Vaccination appointments should be booked in advance to ensure that the vaccine is available for you.  

As most slots are pre-booked, you may not be able to obtain an appointment on the same day if there is no available stock. 

What should I do on the day of the appointment?


Please bring your identification card such as NRIC or work pass for registration.


We will require you to complete a screening questionnaire before you proceed with the vaccination.


You should be monitored on site under observation of any allergic reaction for at least 15 minutes. 


On completion, we will issue you with the vaccination certificate upon discharge.

Etern Online - Preparation
Etern Online - Procedure
Etern Online - Post Vaccine
Etern Online - Discharge
Side effects

The vaccine has been assessed to be safe for use.


However, some common side effects may be experienced by different individuals. Like other vaccines, most of the side effects are mild or moderate and will go away after a few days.

Some common side effects are:

  • Pain

  • Redness

  • Swelling

  • Tiredness

  • Headache

  • Muscle pain

  • Chills

  • Fever

  • Nausea

The fever usually persists for more than 2 days. See a doctor if the side effects persist or get worse. In very rare cases, this vaccine can cause a severe allergic reaction.


Signs of a severe allergic reaction include:

  • Difficulty in breathing

  • Swelling of face, lips, throat or eyes 

  • Dizziness and weakness

  • Fast heartbeat

  • Bad rashes all over the body

If you experience a severe allergic reaction, please seek medical attention immediately.

Etern Online - Side Effects
Etern Online - Severe Side Effects

For any queries, feel free to check our FAQ.

Likewise, feel free to contact us should you have any other questions.

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