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Health Screening Package D

🍴 Non-Fasting Option Available - $450 (before GST) ✅ Recommended for ages 40 and above

  • 30 min
  • The Seletar Mall|Punggol Sumang LRT|Punggol MRT|Fernvale Palm

Service Description

This is our enhanced health screening package that includes many diagnostic tests and an in-depth understanding of your nutritional health. This screening includes a doctor’s consultation, post-review with the doctor and physical examination assessment. It includes vital signs measurement such as Height and Weight Measurement, Blood Pressure and Oximeter reading. Price: $450 ➭ Price before GST ➭ Payment is to be made in the chosen clinics. 📋 General Assessment: ✓ Review of Results ✓ Blood Pressure Measurement ✓ Height & Weight Measurement ✓ Visual Acuity ✓ Diet Screening Questionnaire ✓ Healthy Lifestyle Questionnaire 🩸 Laboratory Analysis: • Full Blood Count (红血,白血检查) • Inflammatory Markers (发炎指数) • Cardiac Risk Marker (心脏风险指数) • Full Cholesterol Profile (胆固醇) • Diabetic Panel (糖尿病检查) ‎ ‎ ‎ ◦ Fasting Sugar (糖尿病) ‎ ‎ ‎ ◦ HBA1C (血糖指数) • Gout Screening (尿酸) • Kidney Function (肾检查) • Urine Analysis (尿液) • Urine Micro-protein (尿微量白蛋白) • Full Liver Function (肝检查) • Thyroid Screen (甲状腺) • Cancer Markers (肿瘤指数) ‎ ‎ ‎ ◦ AFP (Liver) (肝癌) ‎ ‎ ‎ ◦ CEA (Colon) (结肠癌) • Hepatitis A & B Screen (A和B型肝炎) • Stool Study for Colon Cancer (粪便检验) • Anaemia Profile (贫血概况) 🩺 Diagnostic Tests • Body Composition Analysis (BCA) (体脂肪测定分析) • ECG with Postural Blood Pressure Analysis (带姿势血压分析的心电图) • Lung Function Test (肺功能检查) • Dry Eye Test (泪液分泌试验 ) • Fluid Retention Screen (指压性足部水肿) • Upper Limb Functional Screen (上肢功能屏幕) • Lower Limb Functional Screen (下肢功能屏幕) ✅ Recommended for individuals who wish to understand their nutritional health or people with diabetes 🕑 Available to do your health screening any time of the day, without needing to fast beforehand. 🍴 Non-Fasting Option Available, a light meal is allowed, but please refrain from drinking alcohol before your screening.

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