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Etern Online | Allergy Testing

Allergy blood tests are used to find out if you have an allergy. It can reveal what triggers your allergy symptoms and help your doctor to decide the best treatment plan for you.   

In terms of food allergy, there are also blood tests that measure the presence of IgE antibodies to specific foods. A blood sample will be taken and sent to the medical laboratory where different type of foods can be tested to identify whether you have any food allergy.


Allergy Panel

Inhalant Allergy Panel

Food Allergy Panel

Other Allergy Panel


Customised Allergy Test

At our clinic, we offer customised allergy testing package that allows you to choose the tests that are relevant to your individual needs.

To get started with customised allergy testing package, simply call or WhatsApp Us to book an appointment with our clinic. During your appointment, we will discuss your medical history and symptoms, and we will help you select the tests that are right for you.

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