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Etern Online | Health Screening

A healthy body is crucial for one’s well-being. Regular health screening allows for the early detection of any health problems that you may be facing later. Timely preventive and corrective measures can then be taken. 


As we age, our body goes through many changes and identifying issues early could make all the difference. 


At Etern Medical, we offer a comprehensive range of health screening packages and add-on tests to cater to your personal needs.  


Health Screening Packages

Etern Online | Health Screening Table
Health Screening Table

Customised Package

At our clinic, we offer customised health screening packages that allows you to choose the add-on tests that are relevant to your individual needs.

To get started with the customised package, simply call or WhatsApp Us to book an appointment with our clinic. During your appointment, we will discuss your medical history and symptoms, and we will help you select the tests that are right for you.

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