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Etern Online | Other Checkups

Our clinic offers a wide range of medical checkups to meet the needs of our patients:

  • Outward Bound Singapore Checkup: Embrace physical challenges and outdoor adventures with a tailored medical checkup for Outward Bound School. Prepare for an enriching and transformative experience.

  • Boat Driving License: Navigate the waters with confidence and fulfil maritime regulations with a comprehensive medical checkup for boat driving licenses. Maintain safety at sea and enjoy the freedom of boating.

  • Crane Operator License: Ensure your fitness for safe crane operation with a comprehensive medical checkup. Maintain safety standards and protect your livelihood.

  • Adoption Suitability Assessment (ASA): Embark on the journey of parenthood with a comprehensive medical checkup for child adoption. Ensure the well-being of your child and prepare for a fulfilling family life.

  • Overseas Visa (Immigration): Embrace new beginnings and build a life abroad with an Overseas Visa (Immigration). Pursue your dreams, enhance your career prospects, and discover new opportunities in a new country. Start your immigration journey today and embark on a transformative experience.

Outward Bound School
Crane Operator
Boat Driving License
Adoption Suitability Assessment
Overseas Visa

Please bring along your identification documents & medical form on the day of your appointment.

If you have any further enquiries or require any customisable medical checkup, please call our clinic or WhatsApp Message us for assistance.

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