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ICA Medical


Etern Online | ICA Medical Checkup

Our clinics offer medical checkups required by ICA, such as:


  • Long-Term Visit Pass (LTVP): Common-law spouses, step-child or handicapped children of an Employment Pass or S Pass holder. Parents of Pass holders earning over $12,000. 

  • Permanent Resident (PR): An individual who has been granted permanent residence status which allows him/her to reside in Singapore on a permanent basis.

  • Student Pass (SP): Foreigners* who have been accepted by an educational institution to pursue full-time study in Singapore. We also offer Pre-Admission Medical Checkups for Tertiary Education.

*If you are aged 13 and above (based on year of birth) and your application is approved, you will need to be vaccinated against COVID-19* and achieve minimum protection before you can complete formalities for the pass issuance.

Long-Term Visit Pass
Permanent Resident
Student Pass
Tertiary Pre-Admission

*If a Chest X-ray is required, do inform our staff and we will refer you to our partnered radiology centers/polyclinics.

*Let our staff know if your COVID-19 vaccination records are required to be updated into the National Immunization Registry (NIR).

If you have any further enquiries or require any customisable medical checkup, please call our clinic or WhatsApp Message us for assistance.

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