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LTA Checkup

Etern Online | LTA Checkup

Our clinics offer Driving / Vocational License Medical checkups for all required applications.

Land Transport Authority (LTA) requires all applicants applying for the following vocational licenses to undergo a medical examination:​

  • Taxi Driver's Vocational License (TDVL)

  • Private Hire Car Driver's Vocational License (PDVL)

  • Bus Driver's Vocational License (BDVL)

  • Bus Attendant's Vocational License (BAVL)

  • Omnibus Driver's Vocational License (ODVL)


#Please bring your glasses on the day of the appointment. (If applicable)

*If a Chest X-ray is required, do inform our staff and we will refer you to our partnered radiology centers/polyclinics.

If you have any further enquiries or require any customisable medical checkup, please call our clinic or WhatsApp Message us for assistance.

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