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Pre-Marital Screening

Price: $350 (before GST) | Couple Package Price: $650 (before GST)

  • 30 min
  • The Seletar Mall|Punggol Sumang LRT|Punggol MRT|Fernvale Palm

Service Description

This screening includes a doctor’s consultation, post-review with the doctor and physical examination assessment. It includes vital signs measurement such as Height and Weight Measurement, Blood Pressure and Oximeter reading. Price: $350 ➭ Price before GST ➭ Payment is to be made in the chosen clinics. Couple Package Price: $650 ➭ Bring your loved ones to screen together. ➭ Price before GST ➭ Payment is to be made in the chosen clinics. 📋 General Assessment: ✓ Review of Results ✓ Blood Pressure Measurement ✓ Height & Weight Measurement ✓ Visual Acuity ✓ Healthy Lifestyle Questionnaire 🩸 Laboratory Analysis: • Full Blood Count (红血, 白血检查) • Thalassemia Screen (地中海贫血) • Full Cholesterol Profile (胆固醇) • Diabetic Check (糖尿病) • Gout Screening (尿酸) • Kidney Function (肾检查, 尿液) • Urine Analysis (尿液分析) • Urine Micro-albumin (尿微量白蛋白) • Full Liver Function (肝检查) • Thyroid Screen (甲状腺) • Hepatitis A & B screen (A和B型肝炎) • Hormonal Profile (激素)        ○ FSH & LH        ○ Prolactin • VDRL & HIV Screen (梅毒爱兹) ♂ Male        ○ Testosterone        ○ Semen Analysis (精液分析) ♀ Female        ○ Estradiol + Progesterone (Day 2 & Day 22)        ○ Rubella Screen (风疹) Semen Analysis: The test is to be done at the lab directly, not at the clinic. Progesterone: First test to be done on Day 2-3 of menstrual cycle & Second test to be done on Day 21-22 of menstrual cycle.

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